The Turtle/Sun

Turtle IslandThe SUN represents energy, light, radiation: the luminous star to which everything gravitates. As the sun rises in the east every day, it symbolizes that every day is a new beginning, with new hopes and new challenges.

FOUR DIRECTIONS: North, South, East, West

SUN RAYS: These represent the different views and perspectives of how we do our work. The rays are not symmetrical as they represent the different forms of our alliances, our commitments, and our approaches to the communities we work in.

CIRCLE: The Circle of Life: we begin and end something, always to begin again.

TURTLE: the center of the symbol has the most meanings: for many indigenous communities, the Western Hemisphere is symbolized by the turtle island. We are migrants from close and far who happen to find ourselves in one place, at least for now. For the CDC, the shell reminds us that we HAVE to have a hard shell and patience in order to withstand the challenges and the struggles of going against the status quo. The turtle also moves slowly, which reflects work that takes more than a generation and the long-term commitment to social justice. There are turtles and tortoises that long outlive even humans. We may not see the change we are working for in our own respective lifetimes, but have the hope that we prepare the next generation to take it take it on and continue it. The geometrical patterns on the turtle’s shell represent the different communities, their priorities, and approaches to similar issues.

WATER: Turtles live in both water and land. We are same as the turtle and must be able to adapt to different environments. Water symbolizes the basic substance of all life, creatures, and nature.

 NOTE: The original sun was designed by Rosenda Bustamante-Barrios. It was modified and adapted to incorporate the various characteristics that it represents, as described above.