Integrated Services for Immigrant Families (ISIF)

The ISIF program consolidates the citizenship classes, legal immigration services, and promotoras program, which incorporates leadership, advocacy, and workforce development opportunities. Understanding that citizenship is an important pathway to overcoming numerous barriers in terms of improving the quality of life for individuals, the CDC has developed a unique, customized curriculum for individuals seeking to attain their naturalized citizenship. Courses are designed to

accompany clients throughout the naturalization process by including the immigration application, teaching English, U. S. history and government, civil rights, and examples of civic participation. Classes have been offered in Butterfield, Hatch, Anthony, Chaparral, Vado, Doña Ana, Sunland Park, and Las Cruces proper. To date, we have an average of 65 students per quarter. We work closely with other organizations to assure immigrant families get the correct and appropriate assistance they need. And, through our social concerns surveys, we are also able to identify other social issues in the respective communities where the classes are held.